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FYNIX and SYREN Book Boxes

FYNIX and SYREN Book Boxes

What is a Book Box?

The FYNIX and SYREN Book Box is a FREE packaged experience for Young Adults that includes a recommended book to suit your tastes and special items for you to KEEP! Our subscription service is similar to other, paid services such as OwlCrate, Fab Fit Fun, and Loot Crate.

How Does it Work?

To register for this service, click the button below and fill out our form with your information and reading tastes! When you sign up you will be placed on the first available spot. If there are no available spots when you sign up, we will add you to the waiting list and let you know when it’s your turn. Once it’s your turn, you will be notified as to when your box is ready for pick-up!

Pick up your box!
Once your subscription is active, we will notify you via email when your package is available for pick-up from our Teen Desk on the ground floor.  When you get home, you’ll get the exciting experience of opening the box to see the book we picked for you and 2-3 FREE goodies to keep. Please return the box and book by the end of the month.

You MUST pick up the box before the end of the month. Failure to pick up the box in that time frame will automatically remove you from the program.

Give us some feedback!
Once you’re done, please complete our feedback form so we can make sure your next book is an EVEN BETTER FIT for you!


A huge Thank You to Sophia M and Gabby M for designing the Fynix logo and Syren logo, respectively!

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