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Staff Directory


Jonathan Nichols, Library Director, ext. 3301

Susan Conner, Assistant Director, ext. 3311

Marie Epstein, Administrative Assistant, ext. 3302

Circulation Department

Staff members can be contacted at

Jennifer Runyan, Head of Circulation, ext. 3300

Iryna Smyrnova, World Languages Librarian

Penny Longhurst, Library Assistant

Suzanne O’Brien, Library Aide

Denise Runyan, Library Aide

Susan Buchanan, Library Aide

Sobha Sunil, Library Aide

Reference Department

Staff members can be contacted at

Sarah Giardina, Head of Reference and Teen Services, ext. 3304 or

Vacant, Reference Librarian & Adult Programmer

Bernadette Benman, Reference Librarian & Cataloger

Children’s Department

The Children’s Room can be contacted at

Lisa Julien-Hayes, Head of Children’s Services

Israela Abrams, Children’s Librarian

Julie Butters, Library Aide