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Murder in Chianti

Murder in Chianti

By Camilla Trinchieri Recommended by: Denise Runyan Reserve a Copy Break Line

Looking for a mystery that is a little more serious than a cozy mystery but not too tough and gritty either? Then check out Murder in Chianti by Camilla Trinchieri.

Nico Doyle, a half Italian/half Irish widower and forcibly retired NYPD police detective, moves to his wife’s hometown of Gravigna, in the Chianti region of Italy.

One morning he hears a gunshot and the crying of a small dog near his home. When he goes to explore the scene, he discovers a body. Nico intended to leave his law enforcement days behind him, but when the local maresciallo, (marshall), realizes his professional background he convinces Nico to help solve the case. In the process Nico not only becomes more involved in his new town but also is adopted by the small dog.

There is something about this story, whether it’s the captivating characters or my affinity for Italy, that pulled me into it. I became partial to Nico in all his day to day interactions with the people of Gravigna which made this an easy, enjoyable read.

One little caveat: the author does tend to mention the food characters eat and the outfits they wear quite often yet, while noticeable, it was not a major distraction.

This is the first book in the Tuscan Murder series, (the 4th book was published in late 2023), and I’ve enjoyed them all, perhaps you will too.

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