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The Squeaky Door

The Squeaky Door

By Margaret Read MacDonald Recommended by: Jonathan Nichols Reserve a Copy Break Line

If you’re looking for a great read-a-loud story for bedtime, this is the book for you! A creative take on the Mitten story, The Squeaky Door follows a little boy and his grandmother as the constant squeak of his bedroom door keeps him up at night. But fear not, because grandma has a solution – she brings animal after animal to help soothe the young boy. However, even with these animals the door’s squeak still frightens the boy and now the animals too! After the bed EXPLODES from all of the animals, grandma puts all the animals back, and puts little boy in her bed for the night. The next day grandma takes matters into her own hands, and fixes the broken bed and the squeaky door! The following night all is well as the little boy and his cat fall fast asleep!

Will lots of repeating phrases, children will be able to quickly anticipate what the next page holds! Add some hand motions for the various actions, and silly animal sounds to make this picture book come to life! A great book to get the wiggles out of little ones right before bedtime.

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