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1000 Books Before Kindergarten

Help your child prepare for kindergarten

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The goal is to read 1,000 books (yes, you can repeat books!) before your little one starts kindergarten. Sign up, get a book bag and record sheet to begin, then earn rewards as you hit each milestone. For children ages birth to 5 years old, not in kindergarten.

Why should you participate?

  • Develop your child’s love of reading at a young age
  • Bond with your child as you read together
  • Get your child ready to read
  • Teach your child all about the library and the joy of books

How to read 1000 books before kindergarten

  • 1 book per day for 3 years = 1095 books
  • 10 books per week for 2 years = 1040 books
  • 3 books per day for 1 year = 1095 books