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Library Awarded Grant to Create Innovative Maker Space for Community

Library Awarded Grant to Create Innovative Maker Space for Community

The Swampscott Public Library is thrilled to announce that it has been awarded a generous LSTA (Library Services and Technology Act) Creative Communities grant from The Massachusetts Library Board of Commissioners (MBLC) to establish a cutting-edge maker space, which will provide an array of creative and educational opportunities for our community.

The grant, totaling $30,000, will enable the Swampscott Public Library to transform an area of the library into a vibrant, multi-functional maker space equipped with state-of-the-art technology and tools. This initiative aims to foster innovation, creativity, and collaboration among community members of all ages.

Features of the New Maker Space

The new maker space will include:

  • 3D Printer: Allowing users to design and create three-dimensional objects from digital files.
  • Laser Cutters: For precise cutting and engraving on various materials.
  • Electronics Stations: Equipped with soldering irons, robotics kits, and other components for building and experimenting with electronic projects.
  • Crafting Supplies: Including sewing machines and various art supplies to support traditional crafting techniques.
  • Computer Workstations: Loaded with design software such as Photoshop and more to support digital creativity.

Programs and Workshops

In addition to the equipment, the maker space will host a variety of programs and workshops led by skilled instructors. These offerings will cover topics such as:

  • Introduction to 3D Printing
  • Basic Electronics and Robotics
  • Digital Design and Fabrication
  • Sewing and Textile Arts
  • Coding for Beginners


“We are incredibly grateful to MBLC for this generous grant,” said Jonathan Nichols, the Director of The Swampscott Public Library. “This maker space will be a game-changer for our community, providing access to tools and resources that can spark creativity and innovation. It aligns perfectly with our mission to support lifelong learning and community engagement.”

Impact on the Community

The maker space is expected to have a significant impact on the community, offering residents the opportunity to develop new skills, engage in creative projects, and collaborate on innovative ideas. It will serve as a hub for STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) education, supporting students, hobbyists, entrepreneurs, and anyone with a passion for making.

Grand Opening Event

The Swampscott Public Library invites the public to attend the grand opening of the maker space which is slated to take place this during the summer of 2024. The event will feature demonstrations of the new equipment and interactive workshops. Light refreshments will be provided.