Humphrey Street

Humphrey Street

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Humphrey House

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Neighborhood Scenes, 1880-1915

Hst18802 Hst18803 Hst18804 Hst18805 Hst18806 Hst18807 Hst18808 Hst18809 Hst188010 Hst188011 Hst188012 Hst18801

Street Widening, 1914

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Neighborhood Scenes, 1925-1936

Hst19251 Hst19253 Hst19254 Hst19254a Hst19255 Hst19256 Hst19257 Hst19258 Hst19259 Hst192510 Hst192511 Hst192512 Hst192513 Hst192514 Hst192515 Hst192516 Hst192517 Hst192518 Hst192519