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Teen Review Volunteers

Information for Reviewers

Where will the reviews be posted?

Every review will be posted on the library’s Goodreads page and on our website!

How long should the review be?

250-500 words is more than enough!

What should the review look like?

You can include a few sentences to summarize the premise, but try to focus primarily on your opinions. You can list the strengths and weaknesses and say who you think would like the book.

You can check out other reviews on Goodreads for inspiration if you get stuck. And remember that these reviews need to be library friendly (no explicit or otherwise inappropriate language).

How long do I have to write my reviews?

You will have a month to submit your review (there will be a new book list posted at the beginning of each month).

If you need more time, just ask! This isn’t a homework assignment and you won’t be graded.

Will my name be posted with the review?

You have the option to pick what information about you gets posted. You can have either your first name and grade level, just first name, or just grade level.

Make sure you fill this out on the permission form.

What if I hate the book?

Then say it! You are not required to be positive in your reviews. However, try to think of some constructive criticisms of the book, keep it library friendly, and don’t make people feel bad for liking (or not liking) a book. Remember, everyone likes something different.

Can I include spoilers?

Try your best not to spoil the book, we don’t want to ruin it for someone else. You can include spoilers for your Goodreads review only (if you do write two different ones) as those can be hidden, just make sure to highlight that they are spoilers so we can mark them off.

What about Content Warnings?

Yes absolutely! Just make sure you put them at the top of the review and mark them clearly.

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